Pleasant Hill Ranch
Section B Welsh ponies
Welcome to the home page of Pleasant Hill Ranch, located near Carbon, Texas, about
100 miles west of Fort Worth.

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 Pleasant Hill Ranch Welsh Ponies
                                                      The Section B Welsh Pony

The Section B Welsh Pony is an excellent all around choice for all ages, children and adults,  normally ranging in
size from about 12-2 hands up to 14-2 hands.  Strong and sturdy, yet elegant, the Section B Welsh makes an ideal
riding animal for a child or smaller adult.  Friendly, intelligent, dependable, and high trainable, they make a
child's mount that they will not outgrow.  Section B Welsh are widely used for Hunter-Jumper, Western &
English Pleasure, Dressage, Trail, and Pleasure Riding.  In addition, they are trained for driving, competing in all
aspects of competitive driving, as well as pleasure driving down the road and in parades.  We strive to produce
gentle, user-friendly ponies in the upper medium to large range 13 to 14-2 hands.  (Although as I get older, that
sturdy 12-2 hand pony is looking better and better)

Pleasant Hill Ranch is not a "pony mill" and usually raises only two or three foals a year.  The babies are
handled extensively, taken to shows and other events to acquaint them with crowds and noise.  Our goal is to
produce a quality trustworthy mount for either the adult or the child rider.  Owning a horse or pony should be an
enjoyable and fun pastime.  You should be able to enjoy riding or driving whether several times a week or only
occasionally on weekends.  Pleasant Hill horses and ponies are handled from day one so that they are friendly and
people-oriented.   All foals are trained early on with basic handling skills.  They allow their feet to be picked up
and trimmed, are halter trained, stand quietly while tied, lead, and load into a trailer.  Because we emphasize
quality rather than quantity, a great deal of individual time and attention is given to each youngster.  It is
important to teach these basic skills when young rather than trying to work with a 500 - 1,000 pound horse or
pony that has been basically unhandled.

Finding the right home for each horse or pony is important to me, I am willing to be flexible for the right
situation for each horse or pony.  Special consideration given to homes interested in participating in shows and
other events.
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Pleasant Hill Ranch
Carbon, Texas
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